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The best way for us to deliver the comfort you deserve is to “right-size” your HVAC system. We can conduct a home comfort analysis to determine the capacity and capabilities of your current system, and what could be done to improve it. This important step helps match the right system for your home’s size and your family’s needs, such as ensuring rooms are evenly heated or cooled.

Proper equipment sizing and matching can also extend the life of your investment when all components are working together as a team, and efficiently operating at the right time, speed and temperatures.

And for even greater comfort and cleaner indoor air, an air filtration system can be added to your existing furnace or air handler to filter out unwanted airborne particles if desired.

About Us

Todd Herrington is the owner of Fireman Heating and Air Conditioning in Wylie, Texas. He has been in the Air Conditioning business for 21 years.

He is also a full-time paid firefighter and paramedic with a strong desire to help people. By combining the firefighting with Heating/Air Conditioning sales and service, he is able to achieve his objectives.  He opened his Heating and Air Conditioning business in 2006 and appropriately named it “Fireman Heating and Air Conditioning.”

Many changes have occurred in the industry with refrigerants and environmental issues; and with continuing education and training, Fireman Heating and Air Conditioning stays one beat ahead of the competition.

When it comes to your next service or purchase of a new System, please call us for a free quote.

“I’m here to serve you on and off duty.”  –Todd Herrington

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